POP stands for Pursuit of Progress - we are built on a foundation of progress, never perfection, toward bettering ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. We believe in creating welcoming and safe spaces for people to move their bodies, feel supported, and connect to an inspiring community. Our intention is to make fitness and exercise accessible. We meet you where you’re at. We are masters at having our programs be adaptable to all levels of ability. At POP, we’ve worked with everyone from professional athletes to mums and dads, weekend warriors and kids. We understand that everyone wants to feel and perform at their best with a sense of vitality.


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Why POP for Your Business

We prioritize human connection, community, and accessibility.

We know that a felt sense of connection and community is key to long-term adherence and engagement in fitness programs. This is vital in yielding incredible results. Through the positive shared experiences of participating in POP workout sessions, employees can feel more bonded and supported. In our sessions, we promote an atmosphere of inclusiveness, support, and teamwork - which directly carries over into workplace culture.



Our programs offer businesses an opportunity of increased wellness among employees. When fitness and exercise is prioritized and valued in a company, it is linked to:

  • lower healthcare costs

  • lower absenteeism

  • less stress, 

  • stronger teamwork, 

  • improved work performance


We have worked with everyone from professional athletes, weekend warriors, children, and companies. Our varied services are available to fit your needs.

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